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With our expert knowledge of the Folly Beach SC real estate market and the surrounding area which includes Charleston, Daniel Island, James Island, Johns Island, Sullivans Island, Isle of Palms, Kiawah Island, Seabrook Island and the list goes on, we know how to help you with your unique needs and protect your best interests through every aspect of a real estate transaction. We are focused on providing you with the most personal attention and best service available.

"It is our goal to help you find that special home and to assist you with its purchase. We never want you to feel like you are being sold or pressured."


You need the advice of Real Estate Professionals
The Internet is a great place to find information. But it can't provide the in depth local knowledge and personalized service of local real estate professionals. The challenges of the real estate industry are getting more complex every day. You need a professional team that is on top of the market and is prepared to protect your interests and guide you throughout the process. As local real estate experts we are constantly researching the market and analyzing home prices so we can serve you with the latest and most accurate information. As relocation specialists we ready to assist you with every step of the process when you are considering the purchase of Folly Beach SC real estate or Charleston SC real estate.

For most families, buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you'll ever make. We'd be honored for the chance to help you. 


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Important Folly Beach Rules

New Rules for Folly Beach Golf Carts

Folly Beach golf cart owners will be affected by a State law taking effect October 1, 2012

Golf cart operators must carry three things: the SC Department of Motor Vehicles registration, proof of liability insurance for the golf cart, and the operator’s driver’s license. A DMV golf cart permit must be replaced with a new permit every five years, but owners who have permits on or before October 1st have until September 30, 2015, to obtain new permits.

If a golf cart is registered somewhere other than Folly Beach, it can’t be driven in Folly Beach because the new law restricts how far a golf cart can be driven from the address on the DMV registration certificate. A Folly Beach ordinance currently restricts that distance to two miles, but City Council will consider whether to extend that to four miles, as allowed by the new State law.

Remember that golf carts must also have a Folly Beach permit and display a Folly decal. Those permits must currently be renewed annually, although City Council may decide to change that


Driving on Folly Beach

Folly Beach is well-known for walkers, joggers, bike riders and dog walkers. Please drive very slowly when you’re on the island, especially during the very busy summer months. At the very least, observe all speed limits and slow down at intersections….even if you have the right-of-way.

Going and coming from the island, be sure to observe the speed limits carefully. From the Folly River Bridge and through the 50mph zone on James Island, the traffic police are extremely vigilant – and they have reason to be. There have been many very serious accidents in this area.


Dogs are very welcome on Folly Beach! Just remember it’s a law here to keep your dog on a leash at all times. Owners are required to remove waste from the beach. From May 1st through September 30th, dogs are not allowed on the beach between 10 am and 6 pm. This law is very sensible because during those months the beach is extremely crowded during the daytime and also it’s unhealthy for dogs because of the excessive heat.
folly law


There is beach access at every city block along the island and these accesses each have parking. The cost to park is $1 per hour from 10am - 5pm. Parking is free on the streets, but if you're parking on grass or sand, make sure your tires are not touching any part of the bare road or you will be ticketed. There is plenty of parking at the Folly Beach County Park. Admission is $6 per car for the day.

Alcohol & Beverages

Alcohol is allowed on Folly Island’s beaches, but there are some rules that apply to all containers. No glass bottles or cans are allowed. Plastic bottles, plastic cups and paper cups are allowed. If you bring a cooler that contains glass containers or cans, you may pour your drinks into a plastic cup and then immediately return the containers to your cooler. If you want to have an alcoholic drink on the Folly Beach Fishing Pier, you must purchase it from the restaurant located near the entrance to the Pier.

Campfires and Grills are not allowed on Folly Island beaches.

Fireworks are prohibited on Folly Beach.

Skateboards, Roller blades and Bicycles

Skateboards and roller blades are not allowed on sidewalks or on Center Street. Bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks


Folly Beach SC Real Estate – Best Deals At The Beach 10/15/2012

In today’s market there are some deals to be found, so we analyze all the Folly Beach Real Estate listings and post what we consider to be the best deals.

1210483 - Details: 2393 FOLLY RD, #2N, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $109,000
1223646 - Details: 1984 FOLLY RD, #A209, CHARLESTON, SC - $150,000
1216498 - Details: 82 SANDBAR LN, #3, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $174,000
1220115 - Details: 720 E COOPER AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $329,900
1217063 - Details: 204 MICHIGAN AVE, #3, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $369,000
1218930 - Details: 1618 FOLLY CREEK WAY, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $379,999
1021352 - Details: 407 E HURON AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $399,900
1204080 - Details: 321 SHADOW RACE LN, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $400,000
1220652 - Details: 123 E ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $429,000
1223641 - Details: 1002 E ERIE AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $424,900
1108365 - Details: 2128 TIDES END RD, CHARLESTON, SC - $479,900
1220001 - Details: 2319 PALMER CREEK BEND, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $499,000
1214401 - Details: 112 W 2ND ST, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $499,900
1214350 - Details: 210 W ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $499,900
1201854 - Details: 810 E ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $599,000
1218351 - Details: 1027 WEST ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $795,000
1220537 - Details: 1569 E ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $799,000
1216076 - Details: 272 LITTLE OAK DR, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $825,000
1221132 - Details: 1677 E ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $1,000,000
2820377 - Details: 1406 E ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $1,350,000
1221815 - Details: 402 E INDIAN AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $1,400,000
1111688 - Details: 1655 E ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $1,795,000

Potential Folly Beach Real Estate Short Sales / Lender Owned

1223646 - Details: 1984 FOLLY RD, #A209, CHARLESTON, SC - $150,000
1127385 - Details: 1124 E COOPER AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $342,000
1221373 - Details: 1607 FOLLY CREEK WAY, #C5, CHARLESTON, SC - $360,000
1204080 - Details: 321 SHADOW RACE LN, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $400,000
1120876 - Details: 1684 E ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $450,000
1222849 - Details: 704 E ARCTIC AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $450,000
1127535 - Details: 814 W ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $795,000

1210483 - Details: 2393 FOLLY RD, #2N, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $109,000
1216498 - Details: 82 SANDBAR LN, #3, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $174,000
1220115 - Details: 720 E COOPER AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $329,900
1218351 - Details: 1027 WEST ASHLEY AVE, FOLLY BEACH, SC - $795,000


        Please check out our “Best Deals At The Beach” listings often, don’t let the perfect property pass you by! For more information on Folly Beach Real Estate for sale, just contact Randy Winks or Ronnie Winks your Folly Beach Realtors or check out  or or or or or


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      Folly Beach SC Real Estate – How Much Should My Initial Offer Be ???


So far for 2011 properly priced properties here in Folly Beach SC have been selling for 92.4% of their list price. The average selling price range for FHA, Conventional and Cash purchases has been in the range of 89.97% - $94.25%.  So based on these statistics you should expect your purchase price to be approximately $449,850 - $471,250 on a property listed at $500,000, if it is properly priced. Knowing the expected purchase price range can be very helpful in deciding upon your initial offer. I know everyone is looking for the best deal available but please try to make a realistic initial offer. When an offer is too low you sometimes lose the opportunity to negotiate, as the seller refuses to counter offer. The seller is sometimes less receptive to any future offers you submit as well. So with this information you should be able to decide upon a reasonable initial offer. Also keep in mind if the list price of a property has been aggressively priced you may sometimes expect to pay a considerably higher percentage (sometimes even above the list price).

For more information on Folly Beach SC Real Estate for sale, just contact Randy Winks or Ronnie Winks your Folly Beach Realtors. Check out our blog “Best Deals At The Beach This Week” at  or or .

** Statistics based on the period Jan. 1st – May 8th 2011 **


Folly Beach South Carolina Is a Great Beach Destination      

            Folly Beach is a great beach destination for vacations, a second home or a permanent residence. Folly Beach SC is located just 10 minutes outside historical downtown Charleston. Charleston is currently the 2nd most preferred vacation destination city in the United States. The Folly Beach and Charleston area can satisfy the taste of even the most discerning consumer. It is a quaint community with a big city atmosphere. The restaurants are superb, the shopping diverse, the people excellent.                                                                             

     My wife, Veronica and I are great advocates of Folly Beach and the Charleston area (  ). We sold our vacation home in Destin, Florida in 2005 after that area became too congested. We started looking for a new beach area that met with our strict list of needs. We were looking for a sleepy little beach town that comes to life just in the summer, beautiful beaches but not over-crowded, easily accessible by major highways, close to a major city with historical significance, close to shopping and restaurants, warm climate with mild winters, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, and the list goes on. After thorough research and visiting various beach communities, Folly Beach had the most appeal. In the summer of 2005 we bought a vacation home at Folly Beach.                                                                                         

    Over the next 2 years we continued to visit our new vacation home more and more frequently. Veronica and I had fallen in love with the quaint little island.  For more information about the Folly Beach area check out our web-site . We encountered a small but good problem with our vacation home, it was renting so much that we were unable to use it. So we made a major life changing decision, we bought a 2nd property at Folly Beach. Veronica and I left our jobs and lives in Ohio and made our move to “The Edge of America”. We have become real estate agents with Exit Realty – The Tracey Group specializing in beach property at Folly Beach. The quality of life here at Folly is wonderful. We are living proof that is never too late to make a lifestyle change.

Keep Folly Beach, South Carolina in mind for your next vacation or move!




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